Information Technology

Over the past few years, Hennig has invested human and financial resources in developing proprietary computer applications, mainly offering detailed analysis of client activities.

Our proprietary TMS data software package, in addition to being a useful historic record of client transactions and information, affords clients the use of data from our system to better understand trends in diamond sales, pricing and types of goods sold. TMS is also vital tools helping us to monitor and analyse our clients' performance regarding purchases from De Beers and application success rates. 

We have developed a mobile handset-based Application for our clients that enables them to request logistics services from Hennig from their mobile devices and affords them access to proprietary information pertinent to their DBGSS purchasing activity and transaction prices.

In conjunction with our affiliate Lucy Platforms, Hennig has created a platform adopted by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses as an industry standard for listing Polished diamonds called Get Diamonds



TMS WebApp

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