A Distinguished History

Emerging diamond centres at the forefront.

The Hennig of today is shaped by a history that spans the course of more than 130 years. It’s a history that is closely intertwined with that of De Beers – one of the world’s leading diamond companies. Our encouragement and involvement led De Beers to supply and support emerging local diamond centres over the years; in Israel, Antwerp and the USA following WWII, as well as in India in the 1960s. Our role in shaping global rough trading and manufacturing centres, most recently in Botswana, has been instrumental.

What began as a trusted one-to-one business conduit to Sir Ernest Oppenheimer during his first ventures into Africa in the early 20th century, expanded into a connection of many buyers to a single seller, in the form of De Beers. At the beginning of this century, we further expanded our offering to connect many buyers to many suppliers of rough and polished diamonds via a global network of tenders and our digital marketplace platforms.