Company Ethos

Strength in diversity

As a global company, Hennig embraces diversity and has a profound respect for each culture, religion and local custom within the areas we operate. Our diverse workforce encompasses employees of different genders, nations, cultures, ethnic groups, generations, and backgrounds – all of whom contribute their skills and varied perspectives to improving our services and serving our clients. Our staff form an integral part of the social fabric of each local centre, drawing on the relationships they have built to further enhance our ability to form local initiatives into a global perspective.

Pride in serving.

Hennig has fully embraced the transfer of beneficiation processes to diamond producing countries. Our group is a major contributor to the transfer of knowledge and diamond skills to citizen in these countries. While we have always supported the local people in countries in which we operate, through charity donations and volunteering, more recently, we have focused on direct community engagement. All staff now dedicate a set number of working days per year to volunteer work, creating a culture of compassion and giving back to society. Our focus is on supporting communities in proximity to our main offices, with an emphasis on education and support for the youth.

Hope for the future.

It’s our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. We are always working to improve our operational procedures, particularly reducing CO₂ emissions and managing waste effectively. Since 2020 Hennig has been proud to offset its carbon emissions and play our part towards climate responsibility. Our employees avoid the use of non-recyclable materials and recycling is encouraged and made possible at our offices throughout the world.

World-class standards.

As an integral part of the diamond pipeline, Hennig has a duty to act in accordance with global corporate responsibility benchmarks. We not only meet, but exceed, the obligations we have towards our people, shareholders, clients, suppliers, competitors, and the community as a whole. We know that our reputation is our most valuable asset, and we therefore expect and maintain the highest ethical standards across our business. All employees are required to abide by our ethical policy, which outlines our core values and approach to doing business.