Linking people and diamonds for more than 130 years


From one-to-one, through many-to-one; now at the forefront of many-to-many, Hennig is continuously evolving its role helping to better connect diamonds and people since the Technological revolution.

Starting as a trusted one-to-one business conduit to Ernest Oppenheimer in his first ventures into Africa, Isidor Hennig quickly expanded into linking many-to-one supplier, De Beers, in the early 20th century.

Developing internal capabilities as well as strategic partnerships in manufacturing, marketing and recently, digital platforms, Hennig has been assisting clients to develop their businesses through the Machine and Electronic ages, whilst continuously maintaining its lead in representing the largest number of De Beers Sightholders throughout the 20th century, until today.

At the beginning of this century, Hennig expanded its services to link many buyers to many suppliers of Rough and Polished diamonds via its global network of tenders.

As the world enters the Information Age, Hennig has positioned itself at the forefront of data capture, analysis and distribution, providing innovative pioneering online digital products including e-commerce trading platforms for Rough and Polished, as well as powering the worlds’ largest Polished diamond listing website and online Polished marketplace – thereby digitally connecting many-to-many people and diamonds across the global B2B diamond pipeline.