Constell Group

Since its inception, Constell Group has sustained a brand which is focused on providing seamless and effective service to its clients. Through various operating entities spread over the world, Constell Group sets, develops and executes tailor made solutions aligned with the vision and requirements of each client.

Constell Group provides a range of services in the Diamond Industry to companies looking to establish new operations, improve the existing operations, or requiring assistance on the formulation and/or implementation of their strategic plans. Constell’s 24 year-long history and proven successful background, puts the company at a unique advantage in assisting companies, organisations and governments looking for a one-stop solution for all the legal, management and consultancy elements they require while setting up or on the strategic front for expansion or reviewing policies and implementing a new structure in any region. They combine their brightest minds, vertical expertise and hunger for the extraordinary to craft outstanding and successful business models for our clients.

Constell Group provides its clients an unparalleled understanding of the market conditions with a perspective that redefines work culture in established manufacturing hubs in several regions across the world. Their deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry, from rough materials through to end consumers, allows them to define, implement and execute clients’ unique strategic goals with turnkey and tailor-made solutions. Constell is expertly equipped for that purpose, with the resources to serve the needs of the industry across the pipeline which include:

  • Strategic Consultancy Services
  • Training Services
  • Operations Management
  • Contract Work Services
  • Cutting and Polishing
  • Manufacturing
  • Rough Assortment and valuation services
  • Diamond Trading services, including sales functions such as tenders
  • Technical Assessments
  • IT services

Constell’s reach extends globally, from USA and Canada, to Belgium, Switzerland, Israel and Dubai (UAE), India, China, Namibia, Botswana, Russia and South Africa. The quality of their people has always played a major role in their success. The experience the group has gathered over the years working across the globe, the vast and deep knowledge of the local citizens and the effective systems build for transferring skills, encourage Constell to reach the goals they set for themselves.