Lucy Platforms

Lucy Platforms is a tech start-up, established in 2017 by highly skilled experts from elite Israel Defence Force technology units. Lucy Platforms’ founders identified the opportunity to modernise trading in the diamond industry and developed cutting-edge technology and e-commerce expertise that has been implemented in numerous industry-leading diamond businesses.

In 2019, we joined hands with Lucy Platforms in support of our vision of shaping diamond trading for the 21st century. This collaboration resulted in the development of an online diamond trading platform uniquely designed to fit diamond market needs. In April 2020, Lucy Platforms was selected by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses to deploy its technology to operate the market’s leading diamond listing site, Get Diamonds.

Within a few weeks the site became the industry leading site, listing over $5.5B of goods from over 3 500 suppliers from all over the world. Lucy Platforms currently offers its unique software solutions to diamantaires wishing to maximise their internet presence and online sales.

In 2021 Lucy launched the Diamond Price List -DPL, The world’s most accurate, transparent and objective, polished diamond price List. DPL is an independent reference designed exclusively for the industry based on the largest dataset of actual asking prices. The DPL is based on advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science, optimized to mathematically calculate and reflect current market pricing in the most accurate and objective manner. DPL’s A.I. algorithms are programmed to follow strict, clear and transparent methodologies to ensure data integrity. The DPL is the first interactive price list of its kind, and together with the DPL mobile app offers users easy price-selection features and time-saving calculations.