Hennig Tenders

Seamless multi-location viewings. Bringing people and diamonds together.

With more than 300 rough and polished diamond tenders completed across five continents, Hennig has developed expertise in bringing suppliers and buyers together. We have worked tirelessly to reshape the way diamond suppliers sell their inventory – by driving sales efficiencies and creating value-added services; all while substantially reducing costs to our suppliers through our suite of tailor-made service packages. We are proud to have pioneered multi-location viewing events to ensure maximum reach for our clients.

Our dynamic proprietary software effortlessly manages the viewing process in each of our offices across the globe. Buyers can bid from anywhere in the world, either after viewing the diamonds or remotely which allows our suppliers to extend their reach to the best clients around the world.

In addition, buyers continue to benefit from our simple, secure, and transparent sales offerings, affording them top buying opportunities.

Key benefits of the Hennig Tenders operation:

  • Long-established marketing operation for both rough and polished
  • Solid reputation for integrity, care-of process and operational excellence
  • Wide range of diamonds available
  • Ability to reach best buyers for each rough production based on unmatched global network of offices
  • Online, secure bidding via Hennig Tenders platform
  • High standard of customer service for both suppliers and buyers

Online tender transactions take place via our proprietary tender platform at I.Hennig Tenders.