Relationship Management

Empowered clients in a competitive landscape. We help to fulfil rough diamond requirements.

At Hennig, our core activity is ensuring that our clients can fulfil their rough diamond requirements. De Beers, a major source of rough, sells to a select group of customers known as Sightholders. We guide and nurture our non-Sightholder clients to the level of business maturity required to reach Sightholder status. Once achieved, we represent our clients’ interests to ensure they receive the rough they apply for.

Ever-increasing competition for a constantly reducing supply of rough places increased importance on aligning Sightholders with De Beers’ criteria to determine the volumes and types of rough each client will receive. With our unique position in the diamond pipeline, scale, diverse skills of our team, unrivalled understanding of these criteria, and our proprietary IT programmes, we are able to guide our clients in assessing and fulfilling these conditions.

Where De Beers is unable to supply our clients’ requirements, Hennig is instrumental in helping them find alternative sources, either from the secondary market, or by assisting clients in presenting their cases to other primary rough suppliers.