Virtual broker

We are proud to present VB. The first online marketplace for labelled rough.

In an industry first, Hennig has created a true marketplace for labelled rough buyers and sellers to connect on a new level, and to be empowered to make informed decisions based on real, accessible information.

In the past, buyers and sellers of second-hand labelled rough have been limited by their trading environment, with limited access to goods or and information. We have combined our unrivalled experience, deep knowledge in diamond trading and cutting-edge software development skills to define the future of online trading.

Virtual Broker (VB) is a secure and discrete online trading platform that provides suppliers and buyers with much wider access to the labelled rough market than ever before.

VB’s main advantages include:

  • A true marketplace, providing direct and secure connection negotiations between buyers and sellers
  • Wider access to the market for all
  • Plenty of new features driven by real-time information enabling informed and successful user decisions
  • An industry first – online label trading with suppliers’ credit terms
  • A simple clear commission structure at highly competitive rates
  • Anonymity, yet sufficient transparency to help users make the right decisions
  • All logistics, including financial clearing and goods management, handled by Hennig

Our intuitive and easy-to-use platform can be used on smartphones too, bringing real-time trading to those on the move also.

VB offers a safe, secure and discreet environment that will improve, streamline and advance the trading of labelled rough diamonds.

Online VB transactions take place via Virtual Broker, the diamond industry’s first online marketplace for labelled rough.

Please click on “contact us” below if you would like to register for approval to join the trading platform.